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new concept revealed

generates passive income weekly without selling, recruiting or convincing

Make Money

only when Customers SAVE MONEY

First-class consumer experience

Enjoy highly discounted & exclusive experiences and members only trips. Secluded beach bungalows, glamorous mountain retreats, inns tucked into remote unspoiled landscapes, and romantic lodges in the heart of your favorite cities. Made to order journeys, amenities, and upgraded options that will “Wow!” you every time!

Do you Boomerang? Yes ibüümerang

Receive savings back in CASH! Exclusive for ibüümerang members ONLY. No limit on your earnings with ibüümerang

The Challenges that you might be facing right now

  • You feel stuck with the lack of knowledge and information to start making passive income from home.
  • You've tried so many other opportunities in the past and you're frustrated of achieving positive results.
  • You want the opportunity to earn passive income of Six-Figures a year from home, but you're lost on what to do.
  • You're sick and tired of your job and you need to change to get out of the financial rut you're in.

we've found a program that can help with those challenges

  • Our team provides weekly expert training and support to assist you with getting results FAST!
  • Unlike most opportunities these days, the product we offer does not require you to sell. We offer it FREE and recruiting is optional.
  • We have top notch systems, training, marketing, tools and resources to help you reach your income goals.
  • This opportunity is truly at the ground floor level because we are doing something unique that has never been done before. Right Now, Timing is Everything!!!
  • (Results will vary depending on your personal efforts)

Let us introduce you to …

1. Send a Free Website

2. They Book Travel

3. You Get PAID

Receive savings back in CASH!
Exclusive for ibüümerang members ONLY.
No limit on your earnings with ibüümerang

How does a boomerang work? You throw it and it comes back to you…

How is ibuumerang different

Have you ever played with a boomerang? So you know when you throw a boomerang, it always comes back. With this büümerang, when you give a one, you get rewarded in cash! 

A büümerang is an access code you give to customers. With this code, customers are able to create an account for their own travel portal similar to Orbitz, Travelocity, Kayak or Expedia. Customers can book hotels, rental cars, flights, cruises and much more. They can log in to their account anytime to book travel as many times as they want.

If you have a group or an organization, this is perfect for them. You will receive 25% of the commission earned through the booking. Refer the booking to Xstream Travel and they will handle all of the reservations, updates, changes and customer support for the group throughout the entire process.

The best part, any time they save money, you get paid. When one of your customers books travel, their travel savings are split 2 ways. 50% of the savings is applied as a discount to the customer. The other 50% of the savings comes back to you in in cash. See the image below.

ibuumerang TSA

The More Customers You Acquire, The More You Earn

As you gift more ibüümerangs, you’ll acquire more customers. As those customers travel, you’ll earn a travel savings bonus each time they book, pay for and complete travel. Imagine having 10, 100 or 1,000 customers. How much could you earn?

See How To Earn Even More When Your Build A Team

When others join you as a TSA (Travel Savings Ambassador) in iBüümerang, you can earn a bonus when your TSAs acquire new customers. You can earn a 10% override commission when your TSAs’ customers save money on travel. Check out how much you can earn with a team of 50, 250 or even 1000.

ibuumerang team 250
ibuumerang team 1000

Explore All Benefits of The ibuumerang Travel Portal

industry game changing tool

iDecide is an interactive presentation that explains the iBüümerang service and opportunity.
Your customers and prospects are guided through a tour which educates them on the travel industry, shows them how they can save money when they travel and earn a full-time income promoting iBüümerang.

Play Video

In addition to the customer travel savings commissions, you can earn fast start bonus commissions when you recruit TSAs (Travel Savings Ambassadors). You can also earn an override commission up to $96 when they recruit TSAs (during pre-launch). See the chart below.

After pre-launch, fast start bonuses, dual team commissions, unilevel bonuses, and leadership development bonuses. Click here to download the complete PDF compensation plan.

ibuumerang comp plan table

In addition to the packages below, there is a $49.95 Standby Fee (Enrollment Fee). The below packages are optional, however, you will not be able to earn any commissions until you are active. To be active, you must have 200bv. The easiest and fastest way to get 200bv, is to upgrade to one of the packages below.

ibuumerang enroll fees

Why We're Different By Holton Buggs

iBuumerang Interview with Master Distributor edwin haynes

ibuumerang guest q&a

EXCLUSIVE Bonuses You Get When You Join Our Team...

Network Marketing Mastery IMAGE


All TSA's Get Free Enrollment into this Course. The Network Marketing Mastery course is one of the fastest ways to learn how to get paid like a professional in the Network Marketing industry. How to quickly generate leads, easily recruit, create crazy duplication, and build a massive team.


Imagine being connected to a community of people who will help you and are there to support and encourage you every step of the way. Our group is a great place for you to ask questions, share your successes and meet other ambitious like-minded members online.

buumtime facebook cover IMAGE
ibuumerang websites & chat bots image


Because its time for the network marketing industry to evolve. ibüümerang will deliver a first class consumer experience for you and your customers and we will create the first PRIB. The PRIB is a Perpetual Residual Income Builder

Bonus #4 Viral Marketing Made Easy Training

This exclusive training will show you step-by-step, topic by topic, and tool by tool, what you need to know to dominate Viral Marketing, in the easiest way possible, using the most effective tools and in the shortest time ever

Get all the resources to become powerful IMAGE


Video is proving to be a fantastic tool for marketing any business. Google loves sites that incorporate video and is giving them preference when it comes to ranking in the search engines. Marketing with video is on the increase and you do not want to get left behind with this popular medium. It’s also the perfect way to give your site that boost and to attract new readers and viewers to your blog.


  • The Opportunity To Get Paid Weekly
  • A High Converting System To Promote iBüümerang
  • Marketing Videos That Do All The Explaining For You
  • Access to Our Private Facebook Group
  • Weekly Training Webinars
  • Social Media Marketing TrainingList Item
  • Marketing Plan to Jump Start Your BusinessList Item
  • Our Exclusive Bonuses To Get You Started Immediately
frequently asked questions image

Can I earn commissions with the Standby pack ($49)?

With the Standby pack, you are not an active members so you cannot earn any Fast Start or büümerang commissions. Once you are active, you can earn these commissions.

To be considered active, you must have at least 200BV. The easiest, fastest way to become active is to purchase Coach, Business or First Class. You can also accumulate BV from büümerang commissions.

Can you upgrade at any time?

At Standby, you have 60 days to upgrade. If you are already Coach or Business Class and want to upgrade to a higher package, you have 60 days to upgrade and pay the difference. If you decide to upgrade after 60 days, you must pay the entire package price to upgrade.

Can monthly fee be deducted from my commissions?

Yes, you can elect for your monthly fee to be automatically deducted from your Commission Wallet.

What happens if I miss a monthly fee payment?

If you miss your monthly fee, your account will go into an “inactive” status. This will result in a downgrade of your büümerang customer website and any büümerang customers and commissions will roll up to your sponsor.

Can more büümerangs be purchased?

Yes, you can purchase more büümerangs in your ibüümerang back office in packs of 25 or more.

When you join, are the büümerangs one-time or monthly?

Büümerangs are received one-time. You may purchase more büümerangs in your ibüümerang back office in packs of 25 büümerangs or more.

Can büümerangs only be used once?

When you send a büümerang, you are sending an access code to your customers. This code allows customers to create an account to access a travel portal when they can book travel at any time. Customers have the ability to login anytime they want book travel after they have created their account.

How often are you paid?

Active Travel Service Ambassadors (TSAs) are paid weekly during pre-launch. After pre-launch, Fast Start bonuses and binary (Dual Team) commissions are paid weekly. Unilevel and Leadership Development Bonuses are paid monthly.

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